Web Design in WordPress.

Does your business need a website?

Whether your site sells a product or a service, a website can help drive more customers your way and increase revenue. Its a fact that the majority of potential customers look up the website of the seller to find out more about them in the process of who they choose to purchase their product from. If your business sells, then yes you need a website. webdesign in wordpress

What a website creation involves?

  • Website hosting – The place where the website file live.
  • Domain Name – The name of your site – www.ThisPart.co.uk.
  • The Design – Our part in bringing your vision to life.

We provide a ‘Turn Key’ service for you:

Website creation. (The design & layout of your website) Website Hosting. (The server where your files reside) URL/Domain Name. (www.your-name.com) E-Mails. (Create, route, forwarders, etc)  

We also have addition extra’s if you need them:

Constant updating of your site. Add Shopping Carts & update. Booking forms. Spam Filters. Why not visit our shop https://www.theeasypc.co.uk/shop/