SEO is the next professional step after creating your website. So you have your hosting sorted and your website built. This is great news, but if you are reading this you are probably wanting more. Maybe not world domination, but Google domination at least would be a very good start. Are you wanting to get Google to find your website? Are you already on Google and want to reach that first page status?

Naturally any website over several years will rise gradually in Google. If you do not want to wait years like many other people don’t then SEO will be your only and best option.

SEO is a series of techniques that are used in a very specific way to show Google that your website is better and more valued to the public than your competition. It shows that your website has good content that people want to spend time ther and read what you have to say. It shows that your website text is written in a specific way that your website fits in the correct search results for where you’re planning to appear in. The complexities are vast and the algorithms have evolved from the olden days of sharing links between website.

SEO is not an over night result project. You will need to take this into careful consideration when purchasing an SEO product from any supplier. It can be an expensive task and you will need to carefully weigh up the cost-to-potential revenue return.

There is a huge difference between BRAND searching and GENERIC searching. You will always be on the first page for a BRAND search. If someone searching for ‘NIKE’ then Nike will obviously appear on the frirst page. But if someone searches for ‘SNEAKER’ which is a GENERIC search term would Nike appear? Keep this in mind that the GENERIC search terms is exactly where we target your website.

An SEO product is a subscription service, that the work carried out must continue on a day-by-day basis.

What you will get from your SEO subscription:
Month 0-2 = Your website will appear in Google and start to build traffic analytics (if not already there) and Google and other search engines will start to crawl your site ‘regularly’.
Month 2-4 = We will expect your website to start appearing for your specifically requested GENERIC search terms.
Month 4-6 = We will expect your website will start to climb the rankings and make an impact on your competition for the GENERIC key search terms.
Month 6-12 = We would hope to have your site start to appear on page 1 or 2 for some of your GENERIC search terms*
Month 12-24 = Continued SEO work to keep your keywords maintained so that your website only climbs and doesn’t fall. Prices will drop for the ‘Maintenance SEO Subscription’
*No SEO company can guarantee where your website will reach and how long it will take. There are many considerations that will need to be taken in to account to weigh up what is realistic and what is not. If you release your own ‘Sports footwear’ can you get above ‘Nike’, this is highly unlikely with Nike’s grasp on the physical marketplace. Expectations will be managed in our initial consultation with you at the very start before you need to subscribe to any of our services.

Lets start by going in the right direction, and that direction is up.