The history of The EasyPC Company

The EasyPC Company was originally created by Lee Fowler, which first began trading on 3rd April 2005 (also known for the week MG Rover ceased trading.) Making repairs to residential customers only, and only making repairs to PCs and Laptops.

In 2007 Roger Patterson joined the company to increase business customers and take on Mac repairs.

Also in 2007 we took on our first business contract, which we still have on our books today.

Work began to increase steadily over the following years and we have gone from strength to strength. By building up reputation, our customer base has now grown exponentially and we have now visited over 10,000 homes in Birmingham. Our advertising strategies bring in an average of 30% new business every year; With our repeat and word-of-mouth customers bringing in the rest of our work.

In 2008, a magnificent year, was the year we reached no.1 in ‘Google’ for several keywords ie. ‘PC Repair Company‘ etc. bringing in more and more work. The privilege of being number one, for the recognition of our work and customers opinions were now recognized on the Internet.

The recession! After many ‘major’ businesses failing all over the world, we kept on growing. Our logic behind this seems to show us that us Brits could not afford to go buy new computers as we once did in the past, but in fact have their current computers repaired or upgraded. We become inundated with hardware work.

After considdering opening a ‘retail’ shop in 2011, the market did not see an opening for us at this moment in time. The competition was too heavy in the Birmingham area. We decided to put this off until after the recession before considering this option again. Looks like our little office is going to be home for a few more years.

In 2012, we have expanded in to the vehicle market, once a sideline business, now decided to take this on as a professional feature of our business. We purchased Advanced ECU Car remapping, and the website is following the same path as this site. Watch this space when we hit number one again.

Throughout our history, we have kept strictly to our principals, we want our customers for life. We remember every customer we deal with, no matter how small the job.

In 2014 Lee stepped away from ownership of The EasyPC Company to pursue a full time career with Columbia Technologies, and left the company in the very capable hands of Roger, which many of you may already know.

We run our company with the following motto..

“Large enough to cope. Small enough to care”